R.S. Maintenance Services

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R.S. Maintenance Services & Pest Controlwas started in Nagpur by Mr. Raju Sen with its office in Nagpur.

We have treated more than 35,00 building in Nagpur for termite control, more than any other pest control company besides doing pest control treatment for all types of pests in all kinds of premises such as hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals.


R.S. Maintenance Services is our approved contractor for pest and rodent control treatments for our offices. We are satisfied with the treatments given by them.
Rajesh Sarkar
Deputy Registrar (Per. & Admn.),

This is to certify that M/s. R.S. Maintenance Services, Nagpur is carrying White Ant treatment at our institute campus. We are satisfied with the quality of treatment given by them.
Santosh Sharma
Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer

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